Just white? That's not right!

We're An Influencer Marketing Agency Focussed On Ethnic Influencers And Ethnic Minority Audiences

Why "ethnic"?


"Ethnic" encompasses a wide range of communities, from Arab to South-East Asian, and everything in between!

  • Ethnic minority communities are growing year on year, with over 20% of the UK identifying as non-white (Gov.UK).

  • With an estimated spending power of £300 billion, ethnic consumers are extremely valuable to brands.

But with continuous growth, in population and spending power, needs to come better representation, across media and marketing.

You can be a part of that change with us!

Why does it matter?

"Saying no to the possibility of reaching and resonating with new audiences is like saying no to free money, you just wouldn't."

Katrina Padron, (Social Media Today)

  • Only 7% of adverts feature Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups as the dominant or main character. (Lloyds Banking Group)

  • 29% of Black people feel negatively stereotyped in advertising. (Lloyds Banking Group)


About Us

BAME Difference is an influencer marketing agency that supports brands to reach new ethnic audiences through ethnic influencers. 

At BAME Difference, we find the best creative talent, that produce great results, and pair diverse and inclusive brands with these incredible influencers!

  • Quality content

  • Large reach

  • More brand exposure

  • Great ROI

  • Collaborative

  • Lasting impact

We focus on long-term collaborations. We recommend at least 1 to 3 months, to create lasting impact with new and existing consumers.

We work with a range of influencers, from those well-known in the industry to smaller, upcoming talent, allowing brands to have a mix of audiences and creators, whilst influencers have the opportunity to work with various brands.

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