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Get to know your audience

Who are you marketing to? Why are you marketing to them?

Every product or service has been built with an audience in mind, a group of people that the owner wants to help or simply sell to. This audience is chosen for many reasons, mostly based on the assumption that the audience will buy the product or service.

From young females that go to festivals frequently, to young men who have just started university, there are millions of audience combinations out there, great for many products and/or services.

Finding the right audience for your brand is incredibly important to the success of your brand. Wrong audience = little to no sales. Right audience = great sales!

Therefore working on understanding your audience is extremely important. (This includes the customers that have come to your brand organically and those you have targeted with paid methods.)

You can do this in many ways, from desk research, audience creation tools, in-built features within platforms, CRM data, questionnaires, surveys, and other methods.

Bringing the information together, analysing the similarities/differences will allow you to then understand who your brand resonates with. From values, products and mission, understand which customers resonate with which part of your brand. This will then allow you to improve your communications, product designs, marketing materials and much more, ensuring you are better aligned with your customers and potential customers.

However you might be thinking

"I know who my audience is. I know who I'm targeting already and it's working."

It's great if your current audience is right for your brand and your sales, however there could be so many more customers that you had not even considered.

For example, you may only be speaking to people from a white ethnicity, with your language, images and more. But you are missing out on a huge opportunity with black consumers, who would be able to benefit from your products. There may be just a few changes that you can make to attract millions of pounds of extra revenue and loyal customers for life.

Therefore, use various methods to continuously analyse and update your audience, allowing you to gain a holistic overview of your audience(s). More importantly, look beyond your pre-conceived ideas of who your ideal customer is. This may help you to bring in more revenue than ever before and truly future-proof your brand.

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