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Muslim influencers are the business!

Entrepreneurship within the Muslim millennial and centennial space has been around for a long time. From your traditional hijab e-stores to your unusual halal shepherd's pie, you name it and we probably have it! (Except for haraam things, of course!)

However, when a young Muslim creates that new t-shirt e-store, it means a lot. It isn't just another e-store. It is another brother or another sister starting their journey to be being free, happy and in control. The life that many young Muslims now aspire to.

Being a business man or woman makes you a leader and makes you stand out from the crowd. So what do leaders do? Create a following.

They whip out their phone or camera, start recording and start uploading their business journey. They show the highs, they show the lows, they show the pressure, they show the ease, they show everything. And aspiring business owners, which are a growing number of the Muslim youth, watch intently as they follow the protagonist's journey. Many times, they either watch with a deep desire to emulate the newly famous business owner or possess a simple infatuation for them.

A great example of how people can go from nothing, to a reasonable amount of followers and views, is an influencer who goes by the YouTube name of 'Faisal'. His real name is Faisal Choudhry. He is the founder of the Freshly Grounded podcast and built a small business making t-shirts and hats under the brand name 'Izaha London', with support from his brother.

From making small vlogs to selling out the Hammersmith Apollo, Faisal has taken himself and his content to incredible heights!

Another rather different example, at the other end of the spectrum, is Saygin Yalcin, whose YouTube channel is self-named. He is a very prominent figure in the entrepreneurial space within the Middle East, most commonly known for his company, His mix of promotional videos, advice videos and vlog-style videos, across LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, has helped him to reach a great number of people around the world.

Whoever the Muslim influencer may be, the same is often true. Subscribers and viewers often either watch with a deep desire to emulate the business influencer or they are infatuated with the influencer.

Both reasons allow the influencer to capture and retain the audience day after day, month after month and year after year.

Thinking about influencers is so important but thinking about their audience is even more important.

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